Word from the President

A Pot of Gold for a Brighter Future

We are facing a serious state of bankruptcy as a country. Recently, SARS has started targeting SMMEs. We must play our part and ensure that we pay the tax, man.

We believe that connecting our people can crank open the digital economy, and our people will find ways of bringing money from abroad. We can pull the $6 trillion industry to South Africa. The only thing standing between us and saving grace is connectivity. Our people can not afford data and, as such, are shut out of the digital economy and its trillions of dollars.

I genuinely believe that SA Connect rolled out right with the right intention and strategy, can Crack open the pot of gold for this country. We have a golden goose, and it is SA Connect.

Let’s hope DCDCT, BBI, and Sentech are up to the challenge and that they put all differences aside, be patriotic by putting the country and its people first, and do the right thing. Get our people connected, and the rest will follow.

Only SMMEs are creating new jobs in the country today. The digital economy is the only one hiring today, and the future jobs are those crested by the digital space. Tomorrow is all about cyberspace converging into the physical. Jobs are for robots and Ai. We must accept that and start building a better world of coliving with machines and Ai. That world is tomorrow, but today, let’s get everyone and everything connected.

DCDCT, BBI, and Sentech can save the country today, and they can create the foundation for the future South Africa.

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