Word from the President

PBICT Rises from the Ashes: Igniting Hope for Access & Ownership in South Africa’s Digital Revolution

The PBICT has been through the toughest time over the last two years. The spirit of our fallen Cdes can not be ignored, and their contributions must not be in vain. We reaffirm our commitment to the struggle and the fight for #Access&Ownership. Today, we go back to 2015 and remember that we said yes to the duty of furthering the progressive national democratic revolution. We identify ourselves with the leader of that revolution, the ANC unapologetic. We are facing the 4th Industrial Revolution that has cracked open the digital economy. Our people are not skilled enough to access the opportunities served on the buffet, so they are left out. Cdes, the time for talking is over. We must start doing this. We serve the people and lead the industry transformation. Let’s re-ignite the flame of PBICT so we can once again build hope to shine the light into the future of the sector in our Country. Cdes the PBICT leads the progressive agenda of the sector. Let’s act on our call to duty.

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